The school district is looking for ways to achieve learning the gains to meet Race to the Top and the requirements for merit pay.

Regular readers know I’ve been complaining for years about ivory tower experts and their silly-assed programs that have cost school districts around the nation hundreds of millions of dollars yet haven’t changed a thing.

But here comes one program that really takes the cake and Broward’s buying into it…

Here’s a sample of the latest load of you-know-what being shoveled at teachers.

The copy of the document was provided by a district teacher instructed to attend a recent session of Marzano training.

Notice the “interactions” between student and teacher and the percentile gain being rated.

Making eye contact between student and teacher is worth 9 points?

Smiling is worth 23 points?

Let me get this straight…

If a student looks at a teacher and smiles it’s worth 32 points in learning gains??  (That’s what the chart says.)

Touching is worth 4 points!  Touching?  Like a teacher placing his or her hand on a student’s knee?

Has the level of teaching within the district gotten so poor that teachers need to encourage students to smile in order to rate student learning gains?

Not only do most students not read or do math on grade level, but now we have to find a new standard of measure?

Have we sunk that low?

I’m sure that somebody, somewhere will dance around this with a counter that these are only small points and only a minuscule part of the equation, but really…!

Even if it’s only a small piece of the measurement formula the very idea is still a fraud on the taxpayer and especially students.

The district doesn’t need the relationship measurement at all.

It needs an enema.