Here’s information that anybody can get with a simple public records request.

They just didn’t expect somebody like me to publish it.

You can see what the total cost of salaries and benefits are.

Take specific note of the last column; “Other (Pension)”

It’s not deducted from their salaries, it’s paid in addition to them.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Take specific note of the double dippers listed on the last line of the document.  They get paid by the union AND the school district.

Teachers, aren’t you glad these folks are working for you?

Now for the bad news…

This was the latest form filed by the union with the state of Florida listing assets and income.

Note the bleeding under item 3 listing $6.9 million in assets at the start of the year and $5.6 million at year’s end.

Liabilites increase from $827k to $890k.

Note line 5 which lists sources of income.

The union gets $80k from the School Board, and received $74k from the AFT and $212k from FEA.

But there’s no listing of dues as indicated under the examples as would be interest and other forms of income.

Today, dues are $6.9 million, but probably during this reporting period they were closer to $7.3 million.

But they’re not listed as a source of income even though the form lists it under the income line.

No interest income?  Money sitting in a safe somewhere in the union hall?

Even short term CDs, money markets and municipal bonds pay something.