Although she hasn’t filed her papers as of Friday, it sure looks like Katie Leach will run for the District 3 seat currently held by Maureen Dinnen.

After eight tumultuous years on the Board, it’s time for Maureen to retire.

When she first came on board, Dinnen came out like gangbusters alerting the Board to a number of issues, including the disastrous renovation project at Ft. Lauderdale High School.

Already in progress for six years, only one building was finished and another sitting incomplete and according to reports, in the wrong place.

The Board gave her another $10 million to complete the project.

Only it’s six years later and the 1998 renovation project is still not complete, now more than just that ten million in the hole.

Tom Calhoun couldn’t get it done.  Jim Notter couldn’t get it done (he filled in after Calhoun.)  Mike Garretson couldn’t get it done, and there’s no possible way for Tom Lindner to get it done now considering the state of the construction budget.

If there’s any single example of Board AND district mismanagement, that’s the one.

Dinnen is now a member of the old guard and wears the badge of everything that was wrong with the old Board.

If she runs again, her very public question “Corruption?  What corruption?” will certainly come back to bite her big time.

It’s time for new blood.

The challengers

So far that “new” blood is represented by challengers Michael Levinson and newcomer Katie Leach.

Levinson is a teacher at Plantation Middle and has been pounding the pavement for almost a year.

I’ve been following his campaign for most of that time.

If there’s a “working your butt off” award for candidates, Levinson sure qualifies.

Enter Katie Leach.

Leach is a current School Board member by appointment only a short time ago to fill the seat of Jennifer Gottleib.

I’ve been following her time on the Board as well.

We have yet to see how well Leach does on the campaign trail.

With Dinnen remaining in the mix, Leach is a sure winner with Dinnen and Levinson splitting the Democratic vote.

Leach is a Republican running in a Republican leaning district, and the only real test would be a one on one if there are no other candidates.

Either way, the Board needs more new blood, not the same old tired blood represented by Dinnen.