I’ve been warning readers for year after year that the local teachers union doesn’t give a rat’s rump about its membership.

Is it the entire leadership or only Santeramo?

Now we find out that not only were more than $3 million in reserves plowed through apparently without the knowledge of the Executive Board, but more than $128,000 in unexplained credit card expenses and $25,000 in checks made out to cash.

Without the knowledge of the Executive Board?

Somehow I find that difficult to believe.

Every Board of Directors I have ever served on always contained a financial report at their meetings.

But I guess it’s not impossible, considering the comparison between the union’s current board and my own Board’s relationship with the unlamented Frank Till.

Way too many of those Board members took Till unquestionably at his word, even to the point of accepting the totally fabricated polling data indicating the public would support a $749 million property tax hike.

(You never saw it because it was my vote that killed it.)

Since it took an audit to find out about the union’s reserves and the unexplained credit card expenses, one has to wonder.

According to the media, none of this was part of the original complaint.

Only the reimbursement of campaign donations which is a violation of campaign laws.

There have been indications that those donations from employees and relatives may have been coerced.

Apparently that’s what triggered the audit and uncovered the rest of it.

And don’t be surprised if there’s more.

The question now, is whether or not the Executive Board itself should be replaced.

Somehow the words “malfeasance, misfeasance and non-feasance” come to mind.

It should never have been allowed to come to this.

Maybe not only a new President, but a new Executive Board will “get it” and support their membership once and for all.