From my hospital room…  (UPDATE: I’m out now, but did you miss me??)

First things first.

How dare Buddy Nevins declare all politicians guilty of engaging in 527s!

And I Quote:  “If contributions to independent committees make votes by office holders illegal, we better build more jails. Every politician is guilty.”

He’s finally lost it and qualifies for the blowhard of the year award.

The case against Tamarac Mayor Beth Talibisco is a complete joke and has been from day one.

527s, known in Florida as ECOs or Electronic Communication Organizations can be a dirty political game for sure, but the inferred vote trade is simply ridiculous.

So what if Talabisco supported the project?  She made no bones about her support prior to the election.

Where exactly was the financial gain?

There was no donation to her campaign involving the 527.

Even if there were, so what?

I suppose that would mean that no elected official could vote on anything brought before them from a related campaign donation.

And if a parent donates to a School Board campaign would that mean the Board member would have a conflict of interest in any vote that would affect the parent’s child?

Were that true, then bring out the handcuffs for every School Board member.

Talibisco had to vote by law and the only possible way out was to get off the dais to “use the restroom.”

That mailer was no guarantee she would win the election.

The real question is; would Mike Satz even care if the mailer in question was funded by anybody other than the Chaits?

I say NO.

Talibisco’s prosecution stands as a cruel joke on the taxpayers of Broward county from a State’s Attorney anxious to prove himself after a string of missed opportunities.

Here are some more bad jokes…

Marc Sultanof, a 90 year old former Commissioner of Tamarac where the SA’s office filed charges at the last possible moment (before the statute of limitations kicked in.)

Tom Powers and Vince Boccard; two Coral Springs Commissioners accused of violating Sunshine laws.

A judge with a brain threw out the case right away.

Bruce and Shawn Chait; the instigators of the entire Tamarac affair.


What’d they get?  PROBATION with the promise of expunging Shawn Chait’s record.

And then, of course, there’s Diana Wasserman-Rubin.

Questionable votes taken years ago and only within the last year were charges filed.

Right when she was already too sick to continue as an elected official.

And exactly where was the investigation into Richard Rubin’s dealings with the swamp land sold to the School Board?

Nowhere, I think.

As far as politicians participating with 527s, the real answer is no.

By law, a candidate cannot be willing party to a 527.

That doesn’t mean that the Campaign Manager or any other “interested” party can’t be, only the candidate.

In theory, they aren’t even supposed to know about it, but somehow I don’t think that’s the case at all.

And sorry Buddy, but not all politicians have 527s no matter what you think.

I never had one.

Every other campaign I’ve participated with other than one had no 527s either.

Wanna know who, what and when?  Not from me.

An apology to all that never used 527s is due, I think.