Back in April I wrote a story asking if inspector Michael Marchetti was a hero or anti hero.

Today I think he’s a little of both.

Revealing that he worked with the FBI was definitely the good.  It’s the silly lawsuit that taints it.

Here’s part of what I wrote back then:

“Whatever you might think of Michael Marchetti, there’s one factor that cannot be overlooked.

For what it’s worth, Marchetti has shown the testicular fortitude to come out of the dark and use his own name.

That’s more than I can say about Score Keeper and Hammerhead who also work for the school district in the department that can’t find its own ass with two hands and a flashlight.

I disagree with the character of Marchetti’s whistle blower lawsuit.

The 25 “unknown” conspirators is more than likely a lawyer’s trick to bleed more money out of an already financially strapped school district.”

I have to admire Marchetti for coming out of the dark, especially when he has to stand up to what looks more and more like harassment from management.

Time and time again, I’ve defended Tom Lindner for kicking ass and taking names when it came to the changes that were necessary in the Maintenance department way back when.

But recent history has shown a different side of Lindner, a side I never thought I’d see.

And it’s part of the culture of the Facilities department.

Harassment was so prevalent in Facilities when I was a Board member, it was impossible to tell the players without a score card.

Inspectors in a pissing war (sorry, but there’s simply no other way to describe it) with planners and builders leading to nothing getting done.

Planners complaining about having their professional licenses threatened by inspectors.

Garretson complaining about everyone.

And of course the Chief of Staff (Jim Notter) and Superintendent (Frank Till) acting as though nothing was wrong.

Meanwhile, Tom Lindner has been prevailing over the mother of all fuckups in recent history; the $5 million UNCONTRACTED maintenance facility.

We’re all still waiting to hear the real whys and wherefores on that one.

What’s the story, Tom?  How does the district justify building a $5 million dollar facility whose contract expired six months before even a single shovel hit the ground?

Now Lindner stands accused of harassment by Marchetti.

And Marchetti stands accused of bullying by Lindner.

Another pissing war in full bloom and this one does not bode well for Lindner.  Or the district.

So who’s the bad guy?  Knowing human nature, probably a little of both.

It’s time for the district to grow up, and in that light I will present a solution in the next article.