He hasn’t filed his papers to run just yet, but Franklin Sands is a sure bet for the countywide seat currently held by appointee Katie Leach.

And Wednesday night, Sands announced he will run for the seat at the October meeting of the West Broward Democratic Club in Sunrise.

Leach will run for the District 3 seat (not District 4 as reported in the Herald) currently held by Maureen Dinnen, clearing the way for an open seat challenge.

For all intents and purposes, Sands is a relative newcomer to Broward politics with only eleven years under his belt.

But what an eleven years they were!

Sands ran for Weston Commission and lost, and then for the District 98 seat against Roger Wishner.

Sands lost once again.

But when the seat opened up in 2004, he won hands down.

And made one of the biggest splashes in area politics short of the late Bill Markham.

Without a doubt, one can say, everybody knows Franklin Sands and Franklin Sands knows everybody, and that’s a rare gift in politicians today.

The only thing I’ve never heard Sands do is to sing the National Anthem at political gatherings as Markham did.

Give him time.

Sands is a perfect candidate for the School Board seat.

Spending eight years in the Florida Legislature by the time he will be term limited out, there will be nobody associated with the School Board who will have either the access or the background to work with the State Legislature for the benefit of the school district.

And with year after year of budget reduction, there’s nobody more qualified to fight for the district at budget time.

If you think Sands has no experience in the school district itself, guess again.

He was my appointee to the Facilities Committee and under his leadership and the tools for school program, Sands solved the mold and mildew problems in the district once and for all.

Because of that leadership, the district won a major award from the EPA in 2005.

I brought that award home from Washington.