Let me pose a series of questions to my readers.

It’s a series of questions from School Board activities in the same basic time frame of 2004 through 2005.

I would like you to examine the questions and come up with some conclusions to post in the comments section.

But first, let me set up the basic scenario:

During this period of time, the City of Weston had agreed to donate 45 acres of property adjacent to Weston Regional Park for a new high school to relieve Cypress Bay.

At the same time, the proposal for West Broward high school was also on the books and property acquisitions were under consideration.

The Weston property was being stonewalled while swamp land in Southwest Ranches was being ramrodded through the Board.

Here are the questions:

– Why would Senior staff bring out the environmental troops to kill the Weston land donation adjacent to the Everglades, land that was good quality and quite buildable?

– Why would those same environmental troops not utter a peep over clearly definable wetlands (swamp) in Southwest Ranches which was so poor it couldn’t possibly used to build anything, let alone a school?

– Why was the poor quality of the Southwest Ranches property withheld from the Board (while Mike Garretson and Tom Coates clearly knew it) until the purchase was complete?

– Why was senior staff so ready to kill the Weston property and so insistent in purchasing the Southwest Ranches property?

– Why was at least one person working for Tom Coates at the time told to keep his mouth shut?

– Why was Tom Coates so eager to authorize the purchase of the West Broward property knowing that the district would be required to pay $53,000 every year to the association forever?

– Why was the information on the payment withheld from the School Board?

– Who benefited from at least some of these purchases?

– Was the same Real Estate agent involved in both purchases?  (The answer is yes.)

– Was the same School Board member involved in both purchases?  (Again, the answer is yes.)

Now you have the questions.

Let’s see what conclusions you can draw.

But please, don’t engage in libel or slander since I will edit the response before approving such a post.