Say goodbye to some of those “thousands of empty seats” lied about by the grand jury, media morons, and our own Score Keeper.

They’re movin’ on out.

According to the upcoming Board Workshop, they will include:

Two portable units, one at Apollo Middle School and the other
at Hawkes Bluff Elementary School that were damaged by fire.

The 152 portable units that were approved for elimination in the Portable Plan Section of the recently adopted 2011/12 – 2015/16 District Educational Facilities Plan.

What’s noteworthy is the fact that these are the same classroom seats that parents and voters demanded be removed and replaced by brick and mortar classrooms.

And they’re still in the district’s inventory, counted as classroom space.

These are the “empty seats” that were used as clubs to beat up the School Board by idiots in the media, the grand jury and you know who.

Here’s the real story that you won’t get from either Score Keeper or the grand jury.

The district is engaged in a phased plan to remove more than 1,400 portable classrooms over the next eight years

From the reduction plan itself:

“It will help remove some of the excess capacity in the District.  Currently, the District’s total enrollment is less than the number of student stations available in permanent classrooms, so the additional inclusion of capacity from portables further exacerbates the disparity between enrollment and capacity.”

“The vast majority (approximately 80%) of the District’s portable inventory exceeds 20 years of age, and the removal is supported by Section 1013.21, Florida Statutes, directing School Districts to remove student stations in relocatable facilities exceeding 20 years of age.”

The grand jury would have you believe that the district never planned to relieve overcrowding in the western portion of the district and assigned blame for the “empty seats” to only the eastern portion of the district.

According to the report, the western portion of the district is still critically overcrowded.

The grand jury lied.

The majority of empty seats, more than 40.000 are in the portables.

It’s true that the district’s student count has gone down over the last six years, and for two very important reasons.

The economic and housing bust driving families out of Broward County, along with the addition of new Charter schools into the system.

There were fewer than a dozen when I left the Board.

Within the next year or so, that number will be over 100.

With both of those factors, this year’s head count is around 252,000 students, down only 10,000 from six years ago.

25,000 of those are now registered in Charter schools, reducing the head count in public schools to about 227,000

All of this, of course,  intentionally ignored by the grand jury and Score Keeper.

As the late Paul Harvey said: “And now you know the rest of the story.”

But then you’d never know it unless you read Watching Broward.