It’s in the news once again.

It was my School Board that authorized the purchase AND installation of the Kronos time and attendance system specifically because of the outright theft of time in the Maintenance department caught by Tom Lindner and exposed way back in 2004.

And exactly what did it get us?

More excuses as to why we can’t.

According to the Sun Sentinel, “District spokeswoman Marsy Smith said Kronos wasn’t used because test piloting indicated it would still require data entry.”

Admittedly, the excuse is a little better than “I’ve only been here four years, so it’s not my fault.”

But not much.

And we also get idiots like Score Keeper who defend the status quo along with a corrupt grand jury who insist that Board members should keep their hands off no matter what.

Now you see exactly why I laid down the law to corrupt and incompetent staff during my years on the Board.

Call it meddling if you like.

And had I known that staff refused to implement what we ordered them to do, I would have done it again.

But like the corrupt society it is; they kept it quiet so nobody knew.

Until now.

$1.8 million plus about $100,000 per year for what?

So staff could refuse to use it and spit in the taxpayer’s and School Board’s face?

And so now it will cost the taxpayers more money to do what should have been done seven years ago.

In my opinion, everybody involved should be fired right now.

And Tom Lindner, who triggered the purchase should be dragged in front of the Board to explain why it isn’t being used.

He’s had charge of Maintenance since 2004, and Facilities since 2009.

They aren’t using it.

Transportation isn’t using it.

They’re spitting in the taxpayers’ faces day after day, year after year.

Till refused to handle it.  Notter was too inept to do it.

The Board and Superintendent need to find and fire the bastards, and that includes Donnie Carter.

Make it clear to the taxpayer and staff that this shit stops now.

Thank Andrew Ladanowski for alerting me to the problem several months ago.  It seems that even the Facilities committee is on top of things even if staff sleeps through crisis after crisis.

To Score Keeper:  Keep it up.  You’re making me look more and more like the hero you think you are…

One of the new hires that Bob Runcie needs to make is an Operations Manager whose sole job is to kick ass and take names.