Is Score Keeper afraid of me?   It seems he is, and for good reason.

No, not for what he thinks.

Read on from a pair of messages he’s sent to the comments section…

Score Keeper’s original comments are in blue, but rather than post on the comments section I’ll deal with them right up front.

I know that if I did reveal myself, you and Stephanie and the rest of the “old guard” facilitators would certainly do me in…like they are trying to do with Mike Marchetti. I most certainly know and was in a position to know exactly what was going on during the tenure of both of you. For instance, Tom Coates confided in me often. Mike Garretson used to give me false information when he knew that me and my co-workers knew otherwise. The real situation is that the grand jury nailed the design of the board members’ daily activities and it is too close for comfort.

Uhh… No, Score Keeper.  I have absolutely no interest in “doing you in.”

But I do have every interest in seeing a hide in the dark artist being made to prove what he claims on blogs such as this one.

Readers, take note that Score Keeper claims to have been in a position to know.  “I most certainly know and was in a position to know exactly what was going on during the tenure of both of you.” 

As usual, always a claim, never any proof.

Isn’t it highly suspect that Score Keeper can claim that a dead man (the late Tom Coates) confided in him “often” while he discounts my own knowledge of Coates’ participation because he’s what?  Dead?

How wonderfully convenient!

Did Coates ever confide in Score Keeper about his out in the open attempts to kill MMM in Weston the most overcrowded high school in the county while kissing Bev Gallagher’s ass in her twisted quest to build West Broward High?

Did Coates ever confide about his involvement in the Southwest Ranches swamp land?  Another Gallagher debacle.

How about his authorization to purchase the West Broward property despite the $53,000 paymets to the association forever, and overriding the concerns of the district’s own Real Estate consultant because of that extra fee?

Somehow I think not. So how exactly did he confide in Score Keeper?

And Garretson giving staff false information?  It fits his pattern to a tee.

I don’t really care if you continue to post or short circuit my comments. Either way, it gives an indication that the only thing that you are interested in is controlling the other side of the story.

No, he doesn’t rate such immediate attention.  There are other things in the world to take care of, first.

If you and Stephanie are responsible for running day to day operations (not to be confused with being accountable) then why does the law require that you hire a superintendent? Why? Because you are supposed to represent the will of the voters, whereas the supe is responsible for day to day operations…and he/she reports to the board and lives or dies by their wishes.

Get real.  Were I running the day to day operation things would’ve gotten done, while bullshitters and incompetents would’ve been standing on the unemployment line regardless of what the union contracts said.  I would’ve found a way to make it stick.

I have no tolerance for incompetents who can’t or won’t get things done in a timely fashion.  

Eight years of lame excuses before I “meddled” with senior staff qualifies.  

It got done.  Too bad for Score Keeper.

Five years of lame excuses before I “meddled” with Garretson over Piper’s renovation qualifies, too.  

It got done.  Again, too bad for Score Keeper.

His fantasy of my meddling in “day to day” operations is simply his defense of incompetent and unmotivated staff getting nothing done year after year after year.

And that delay costs taxpayers more and more money in rising costs.

That’s what Score Keeper is really defending.

But for the rest of it, his own quote about “the will of the voters” is the key.

Is he telling my readers that fixing the overpayment debacle wasn’t “the will of the voters?”

How about making sure that the district ran smoothly in the event of a major disaster.  Was that not “the will of the voters?”

Especially since I ran my campaign on fixing problems with technology and getting things done?

Are you telling my readers that fixing leaking roofs and dilapidated athletic facilities, parking lots and installing a traffic light for safety wasn’t “the will of the voters?”

Making senior staff get off their lazy asses and do what they were employed to do in a timely manner wasn’t “the will of the voters?”

Surely Score Keeper, you can’t be serious, and that statement of yours on “the will of the voters” was simply outrageous.

It’s clear that Score Keeper simply doesn’t understand how the system is set up by law.  Neither did the grand jury.

The Superintendent is not and never was empowered to make autonomous decisions.

Anyone can look it up for themselves, but let me give you a paragraph or two from section 1001.32 of Florida Education Law:

(2) DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD.—In accordance with the provisions of s. 4(b) of Art. IX of the State Constitution, district school boards shall operate, control, and supervise all free public schools in their respective districts and may exercise any power except as expressly prohibited by the State Constitution or general law.

(3) DISTRICT SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT.—Responsibility for the administration and management of the schools and for the supervision of instruction in the district shall be vested in the district school superintendent as the secretary and executive officer of the district school board, as provided by law.

The Superintendent serves at the behest of the Board as their SECRETARY and EXECUTIVE OFFICER of the district.

The Board takes precidence in any decision. It’s in black and white.

And there’s that inconvenient  little “may exercise any power” tucked nice and neatly inside section 2.

The grand jury was dead wrong about the application of the law.  So is Score Keeper.

Why did Notter not get rid of Garretson? Why did he not have five votes?

Notter may not have had five votes and there may be an explanation that goes with my article on three Board members that more than likely sold out their support of firing Frank Till.  It’s as valid as any argument you can muster.

It was because he was too busy ignoring the meddling of the board and working his own plan that the board ignored rather than evaluating and holding him accountable. Why would the board want to hold a person accountable when he was allowing them to run amok?

The only amok was in your mind and the mind of a tainted jury.  It was staff running amok with corrupt land deals, misinformation to the Board and even refusal to take on projects they were directed to.

You can call me a coward or censor my comments if you wish. I only comment here because I choose to be part of the conversation…not because you allow me to be involved. If you haven’t noticed, I have other venues. This just cuts to the chase.

You’re not a coward at all, Score Keeper.  You’re just a hit and run artist who isn’t capable of handling the truth and never in your wildest dreams expected to be fired back at by a Board member who was there.  

So you insist on rewriting history and making excuses.

Score Keeper’s other venues are useless without the debate, but he should go ahead and use them to his heart’s content. His audience is fading in light of the truth.

Can you really claim personal victory for “meddling” in day to day operations until it is revealed that such is unacceptable behavior for a board member, and then attack my motives and anonymity when I call you on it? You and Kraft have to pick a “perspective” and be true to it. After all, perspective isn’t the only thing ——- it’s everything.

History speaks for itself.  Projects languishing for years on end suddenly got done.  The voters got what they demanded.   

Lazy, unproductive staff got their asses kicked, including at least one incompetent Superintendent who allowed this mockery of public service to continue unabated.

As I’ve already mentioned, Score Keeper insists on calling it day to day but he has absolutely no concept of the difference between making senior staff do what their incompetence held them from doing and actually giving lower level managers and staff directions on a daily basis.

But he absolutely must insist it’s day to day since acknowledging the reality would destroy his arguments.

And yes…  I will continue to attack your motives and anonymity since you insist on twisting the truth and making unsubstantiated accusations from hding.

It’s time somebody in public life took out the trash.

I’ve already been examined through a microscope.  Can you stand such an investigation? 

Somehow, I think the answer is no.

I’d drop it right here, but here is the second of the comments where he thinks he replies to my questions in the “Come Out of Hiding” article.  The original questions are in red:

Marty wishes to hear replies to his questions.

You’re the one that shills for the grand jury’s fraud.

No – I don’t shill, I just marvel at your denial in the face of solid facts.

Sorry Score Keeper.  I wouldn’t be so up front about using the term denial in the face of solid facts.

Solid facts of staff incompetence? Not at all, even to the point of stating that some areas of the report are correct if only to give it an “air” of legitimacy.

You need to explain to all of us why the jury gave phony evidence about the ten year master plan.

No – I don’t need to explain that. Your graphs are far too powerful

And that in itself is powerful. Score Keeper for the first time has acknowledged a problem with the report. Encouraging to say the least!

You need to explain why the jury “forgot” to explain the facts of the class size amendment.

The class size amendment did not require that classrooms were built where they were not needed. You explain why there are still overcrowded schools while there are so many “empty” seats in the district.

Now you know as well as I do that the majority of “empty seats” are in the portables that only now are being removed from inventory. Then you need to define overcrowded. There is no critical overcrowding any longer. You insist classrooms were built where they weren’t needed. Prove it. Give us an example other than worn out Beachside.

You need to explain to all of us why the jury lied about gift laws.

They didn’t lie…politicians just want to make it about bottled water

Now I didn’t think you were that stupid. You know they lied and your bottled water comment is a red herring that has absolutely nothing to do with the jury.

Face facts, the grand jury lied.

You need to explain to all of us why the jury lied about not addressing critical overcrowding on the west side.

Has the overcrowding been properly addressed on the west side???

Sorry old man, but when schools that were stuffed with hundereds or even thousands of extra students are now at capacity because of the new classrooms and schools, that qualifies as no longer being overcroweded in anybody’s book. Except yours, that is.

Explain to us about the hundreds of millions in classrooms and schools built to address the overcrowding the jury says didn’t get built.

Were they built? Or were they built where board members demanded?

I hate to break it to you, but they were built, and built where needed.

Your view of the world would allow lazy, unproductive and corrupt staff to languish while nothing got done.

School Board members are the only ones responsible for the condition of their schools along with the entire district as outlined by state law.

Show us proof that the photos of real buildings and real schools that I’ve posted so far aren’t real.

Refer to my prior response

Copout!  Sure, go ahead and avoid the question. We all know you can’t answer it in the face of the real proof.

Show us proof that there are no reductions in school populations. Tell us that there are still elementary schools built for 600 with 1,200 still busting at the seams as the report suggests.

I would refer you to the same student count staff that were pressured into providing fake numbers…but most of them have since been “removed”.

What a convenient excuse if I say so myself.

Don’t look for the numbers now, because like magic; “poof” they’re gone!

You just can’t handle it, can you?

Any other questions?

Absolutely: Who pressured whom to provide fake numbers?

Claiming it happened just doesn’t cut it.

I provide readers with proof and you provide accusations of things like fake numbers.

It’s always been your style:  Accusations without a shred of evidence.

Or a shred of decency.

So again I ask; who pressured, who provided, and what were the fake numbers?

I don’t know or care where you think the numbers came from.

Mine came from my principals.

Or are you going to give us another bullshit conspiracy of principals banding together to hand out phony numbers?

We’re waiting…