I am so damn tired of hearing whiners tell us we’re being unfair to the rest of the world.  We’re the culprits for every evil in the world while everybody else would be the good if we only gave them a chance.  Case in point: When Marty posted a second article on Steve Jobs and Apple he referred to Jobs as an example of American Exceptionalism.

A Facebook comment from somebody he and I  knew many years ago was disturbing to say the least.

 “Marty, you had me up to “American Exceptionalism.” This is actually a rather dangerous doctrine.”

Marty’s reply on Facebook was quick and to the point:

“Nonsense. American Exceptionalism is not dangerous at all. It doesn’t discount exceptionalism from any other part of the world. The Brits have had theirs, as did the French, Italians Greeks and others. Only those who can’t stand the idea that we can outdo others think its dangerous. When did competition become insignificant? When did it become dangerous? It’s mediocrity that’s dangerous. It’s suppression of ideas and achievement that’s the real danger.”

So exactly when did competition and achievement become a dangerous concept and exactly when did Americanism itself become a dangerous doctorine?   The very idea that we are no better than anyone else is the truly dangerous doctorine, and denying the exceptionalism description to those such as Steve Jobs is a slap in the face of achievement itself.

Where are the others around the world who can create whole industries such as personal computers, desktop publishing, direct access to products and services such as music, video and even foster new methods of communication?  Had we taken the attitude of dangerous doctorine 150 years ago, where would we be today?  Edison shouted down and into submission by moral relativists who demand parity of the rest of the world with us?  Henry Ford just a mechanic and tinkerer?  Steve Wozniak getting ready to retire from HP working 30 years as a bench technician?  Steve Jobs dying years ago unnoticed?

Face it.  Without American Exceptionalism we’d be speaking German today.  Let the moral relativists put that in their hash pipes and smoke it.  Either that or start learning Chinese.