Isn’t it just like people who claim to know things but actually know nothing?

Time after time Score Keeper claims to know exactly what went on inside the district.

Claims to know about the “deals” with lobbyists and builders that went down.

Claims to know about Board member horse trading of votes and outright sunshine violations.

Not once has he ever named a name or pinned down a key event.

And to my latest challenge?  Silence.

Here’s that challenge for those who didn’t read the comment replies under Tuesday’s Tidbits:

You’re the one that shills for the grand jury’s fraud.

You need to explain to all of us why the jury gave phony evidence about the ten year master plan.

You need to explain why the jury “forgot” to explain the facts of the class size amendment.

You need to explain to all of us why the jury lied about gift laws.

You need to explain to all of us why the jury lied about not addressing critical overcrowding on the west side.

Explain to us about the hundreds of millions in classrooms and schools built to address the overcrowding the jury says didn’t get built.

Show us proof that the photos of real buildings and real schools that I’ve posted so far aren’t real.

Show us proof that there are no reductions in school populations. Tell us that there are still elementary schools built for 600 with 1,200 still busting at the seams as the report suggests.

Instead, all he does is to drone on and on about how my “meddling” (my own words) with senior staff to make them do what they were supposed to do instead of years of incompetent inaction is “proof” of the grand jury’s criticism.

It isn’t.

According to state law, it was “exercising any power necessary,” which the grand jury also conveniently ignores.

Score Keeper ignores the grand jury’s own criticism of Board Members not grasping the “big picture.”

He loses once again.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Only vermin hide in the dark.

Score Keeper hides in the dark throwing out accusations without a shred of proof because he’s full of shit.  (That’s crap for those of you in Southwest Ranches.)

Even Michael Marchetti had the gonads to come forward.

These conversations are over until Score Keeper does two things:

Comes out of hiding and identifies who he really is; and answers my set of challenges above with something other than the same old bullshit.