Looks like Bob Runcie will become the next Broward Superintendent today.

The Board is scheduled to vote on his contract right after lunch.

Every source says 1:30 pm, but then they don’t know how the Board treats lunch.

Could be 2 pm, maybe later.

Discussion of salary and benefits?  Quite likely…

But by 3 pm, we’ll have a new Superintendent sitting next to the Board Chair (Ben Williams.)

Do the district a favor Bob and suspend Donnie Carter until you can complete a thorough investigation.


Reading the Sun Sentinel blogs about Runcie’s reported salary and perks is refreshing.

The usual suspects are complaining mightily over the salary (people would do the job for $100k) and the car allowance.

Yeah, right.

Name one out of work CEO who would take the shot for that price.

And then there’s old, reliable teacher Donna Shubert, so here goes…


Stop complaining over the perks that Runcie or any other Superintendent would get.

It’s called risk vs. reward and the job’s worth every penny.

The real question is; Is Runcie worth every penny?

Since I vetted Runcie from the beginning, my bet is yes.

But we’ll find out quickly enough.

Neither Till nor Notter were worth half the price and the district’s current condition shows it.

I’m not going to speculate on how good you are at teaching (other than to assume you are good at it.)

But I will say this: The reason you aren’t at Runcie’s level is because of tenure.

Playing it safe gets you nowhere in life.

Not that being a teacher is nowhere, but you (or any other teacher) could be so much more.

Come to think of it, why aren’t you a Principal or AP?

Don’t answer.  I’m not so sure I want to know.