Sands, Hendricksson, Stermer

Former Weston Commissioner Dan Stermer has withdrawn from the race to replace Franklin Sands in District 98.

Stermer will instead run for Mayor of Weston.

Commissioner Mercedes Hendricksson who was running for Mayor will withdraw from that race for business reasons.

Musical chairs?

Isn’t politics always?

There’s no doubt that Stermer will do well as Weston Mayor.

The “word” has it that somewhere, Broward will lose one legislative seat.

Although Browardbeat is speculating it will be the District 98 seat, there’s no guarantee it will be a West Broward seat at all  considering the rumblings that another state representative, not so far west is looking to exit that particular seat (with 2 terms remaining) and run for County Commission instead.

That means there’s no telling where, when or how.  Or even if.

Meanwhile, my sources tell me that Sands is not about to give up on keeping the District 98 seat right where it is with the redistricting that will take place next year.

With Stermer’s exit, only Rick Stark and Louis Reinstein remain in the race.

The current trend of thought is that Plantation will move to District 97 along with at least part of Weston and that District 98 will take more of Weston, more of Sunrise and maybe even some of Tamarac.

What does it mean?

Absolutely nothing other than the probability that the legislature will carve out one or two Democratic seats while making efforts to make it easier for Republicans to compete in the rest of the county.

Meanwhile, District 97 (Martin Kiar) is open since Kiar is running for State Senate to replace Nan Rich, and District 96 is open as Ari Porth will be term limited next year.

So watch the game of musical chairs and musical districts as the legislature cranks up the redraw effort in the next session that begins in January.