2:30 pm – Board is debating health insurance for Mr. Runcie

Ms. Rupert objects to covering family for free.

Cost of family coverage for Runcie would be $1,115 per month.

Employees are opting not to cover families because of expense.

Runcie will be subject to 3% Florida Retirement contribution.

Debate is now about moving cost of $20,000.

Frank Till’s moving expenses were reported as $17,000.

Backlog, some of the proposed additions to the contract will be included in Runcie’s base salary instead, raising it to $275,000.

Time limit for Runcie to bill for moving expenses would be 12 months considering he has school age kids.

Donna Korn reports she’s not comfortable with 24 vacation days right off the bat rather than accrual.

Accrual of vacation days for administrators after ten years of service is 2 days per month.

Everyone else is one and a half.

2:46 pm Board is still discussing vacation days.

State statute limits vacation day accrual to 60 days.

Board suspends discussion to follow a time certain item.

2:55 pm – Board resumes contract discussion.

Teacher Donna Shubert speaks before the board claiming teachers get no paid vacation days.

Shubert says nobody deserves any perks.

Dinnen asks if Superintendent get paid sick days.

Staff says 1 sick day per month as staff does.

Donna Korn is concerned about Runcie’s ability to consult during his time off.

Board questions Superintendent evaluations and whether or not Ray and Associates will deliver a form that was part of the agreement.

Severance being discussed, along with tax benefits for perks.

Back to moving expenses.  Ms. Good wants to add a proviso that Runcie be required to be employed for a specific period of time.

Carland wants input for the timeline.

Board suggests eliminating car and expense allowance and add the total to base salary.

That would cut $16,800 in additions while raising only $7,000.

$900 per month car allowance would be changed to logged mileage.

Donna Korn suggests a paperwork nightmare in logged mileage and suggests just lowing mileage allowance to $250.

Ms. Levinson is concerned about the multitude of items discussed with no consensus.

Board will table to further discussions with Mr. Runcie.

Bernie Schultz speaking to board and hopes they remember how to be generous when unit contracts come up.

4 pm Board has tabled until discussion with Runcie’s attorney can be completed.