I’ve been writing about the real corruption in the district for years.

Staff corruption, where the real sinkhole of taxpayer money is, not the fantasies laid out by the grand jury.

Tuesday’s upcoming Board meeting will be exposing more of it.

It’s something I’ve been working on with Facilities Taskforce member Andrew Ladanowski for several months.

I’ve even published an article or two lambasting Interim Superintendent Donnie Carter for refusing to answer Ladanowski’s e-mail requests on staff failure to use the Kronos Time and Attendance system to track employee hours and payroll.

On Tuesday, a small piece of it will be exposed for everybody to see.

The Audit report will focus on employees of design services, a small part of district facilities and construction, stealing time, much of it apparently with the collusion of the payroll entry people.

Either that, or their sheer incompetence.

You’ll find the agenda item here.

Design services.  Some of the very same people who jerked the district around for years on end delaying projects and driving up costs through rising inflation alone.

The report only focuses on one small piece of one department for only seven months and at the very least, $65,000 in discrepancy.

It’s been going on all over the district for years on end.

I’ll let you speculate on how much this has really cost the district in just the last five years alone.

Teachers…  Want to know where your raise money’s been going?

Want to know why the district had to terminate over a thousand teachers?

Take a good long look at one of the reasons why.

Till either couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything about it.

Ditto with Notter.

And it’s exactly why the district should terminate Donnie Carter’s employment the moment Bob Runcie takes command.

Sheer incompetence as COO if nothing else.

Yes, we all know that Carter is “retiring.”

Don’t give him the option.

And the “exercise any power” provision in the law provides the Board with the authority to do it right from the dais.

Sue the district?  Only if he wants to expose his own incompetence and participation in mismanagement and failure to hold subordinates accountable for criminal actions.

Terminate Carter and give certificates of commendation to both Ladanowski and Pat Reilly.

Meanwhile, either tune in or go to Tuesday’s School Board meeting.

And get a first hand look at the real corruption within the district.