Never forget this authoritative, yet absolutely ludicrous quote from the 2011 grand jury report:

“the Board has authorized the spending of billions over the last 10 years and has saddled Broward taxpayers with$2 billion in long term debt, and yet we have thousands of empty seats at under enrolled schools in the eastern portion of the county and critically overcrowded schools in the western part of the county and no concrete plans to address the problem.“


Last time I used photos from my personal collection.

This time and for the future, I’ll be taking photos directly from Google Maps.  Images that anybody can see if they care to look.

Either these photos of new schools and classroom additions are imaginary, or the grand jury’s claim of not addressing critical overcrowding is a boldfaced lie.

There’s no middle ground.

Maybe the prosecutor and the grand jury should have considered the possibility of people being able to use technology to see the evidence for themselves before coming up with such ridiculous claims.

Here’s Coral Glades High School as seen from the south bound lanes of the Sawgrass Expressway

It’s a district 4 school.  Yes, Stephanie Kraft’s district.

Here’s Millennium Middle, also in district 4, built in the same time frame identified by the grand jury.

As was Challenger Elementary.

Both schools frivolously built by James Pritle Construction in order to waste taxpayer money without any concrete plans to address critical overcrowding in the western portion of the county.

In a pig’s eye…

Here are the classroom additions to relieve J.P. Taravella

Easily visible from Pine Island Road just north of Southgate Blvd.

We’re already approaching $200 million to address the critical overcrowding that the Swiss Cheese report proclaims wasn’t done.

That’s ten percent of the $2 billion the jury claims was wasted rather than do something about overcrowding.

And I’m just getting started.

The other Board members and former Board members may stand silent and intimidated by the grand jury and the creeps in the media,  I won’t.