From time to time, I will be publishing more evidence that the grand jury out and out lied.

Lied by deliberate omission of facts, and lied through concocted stories and evidence.

The biggest cock and bull claim of all was that School Board members fed their friends billions of taxpayer dollars for frivolous. unnecessary construction while doing nothing about critical overcrowding.

We’ve been this route before, and I will re-print some of that key evidence.

But I will also be publishing photos of classroom additions and new schools to relieve overcrowding which the jury claims were never built.

And we’ll start with two of mine.

That’s a rather larger version of yours truly taken in 2006 when I was still getting rid of the cortico steroids in my system.

Size 40 jeans (down from size 48) vs. size 36 today.

Behind me is a 36 classroom addition to Western High School under construction.

Not to put money in the pockets of lobbyists or builders to waste taxpayer money as the Swiss Cheese report claims, but to put a dent into the critical overcrowding in the western portion of the county as directed by the 2002 grand jury and the Class Size amendment.

It’s one of two classroom additions to relieve crowding for Weston, Davie and Sunrise kids.

Here’s another project to relieve critical overcrowding that the Swiss Cheese report tells us doesn’t exist.

It’s Discovery Elementary School on Pine Island Road and Commercial Blvd. in Sunrise.

Funded in 2005, ground broken in 2008 and opened in August, 2009.

Built to relieve critical overcrowding at Horizon, Banyan, Challenger and Tamarac Elementary schools.

But we’re expected to swallow outright lies such as this:

“the Board has authorized the spending of billions over the last 10 years and has saddled Broward taxpayers with$2 billion in long term debt, and yet we have thousands of empty seats at under enrolled schools in the eastern portion of the county and critically overcrowded schools in the western part of the county and no concrete plans to address the problem.

Really, now…

There’ll be more coming.