I don’t want to say it’s a really bad idea, but it’s a really bad idea.

Nowhere near enough time has distanced the district from the grand jury report (new name; Swiss Cheese report.)

Although the district has what is essentially a new School Board and a new Superintendent, it has largely the same old undependable management.

And if the idea of district run charter schools was floated by staff, I rest my case.

The Swiss Cheese report didn’t only criticize the School Board, but it also shed light on staff incompetence I’ve been writing about for years.

According to the report, it’s just about impossible to get rid of bad employees and management short of leading them out in handcuffs.

And I’m not so sure of that.

Soon to be Superintendent Bob Runcie will have his hands full separating the dead weight from the productive and frustrated achievers.

He’ll even have a tougher time making terminations of dead weight stick.

But it’s a process that must proceed if the district is to regain any record of credibility and accomplishment.

Be prepared for noisy street demonstrations in front of the School Board building.

The district must also throw away its union contracts (like that will ever happen) in order to properly manage charter schools.

After all, it’s the union contracts that make firing bad teachers and incompetent employees damn near impossible.

But knowing the district as I do, nothing will happen without BTU’s blessing.

Don’t count on it.

But if the proper steps are taken now, the district’s reputation may very well recover enough in ten years for the idea to be brought up again.