Several weeks ago, I wrote that I would post an annotated version of the grand jury report.

The report notes are finished and the report is ready for reading.

There are many areas where the report is just plain wrong, whether it presents misinformation, or cherry picks what it wants you to read while ignoring applicable points in the law.

You can read the entire report, or just look for my commentary in red.


A sample of the misinformation tells us that the Board knew that enrollment would flatten out in 2003.

Well, not quite.

It bases that comment on the ten year master plan, a document they’ve obviously never read.

Enrollment was never projected to flatten out.

They also reported that Board members violated gift laws by attending dinners paid for by vendors.

What the jury published was the section of the law permitting vendors to split their costs to remain within the law.

They suggest that this doesn’t apply to Board members and hence, they’re violating the law.

Well, no.  They just didn’t publish the rest of the law.

The jury also mentions the 2002 grand jury report where it speaks about crowding and suggests moving students from the west to the under enrolled schools in the east.

But they neglected to publish the real recommendation to build on the west side, which is what the Board actually did.

The jury also claims the Board took no action to solve the overcrowding in the west and that we’re still critically overcrowded.

Not at all.


I could go on, but read the report with my notes instead.