If there’s any way to describe the biggest single task ahead of the new Superintendent it’s to restore public confidence in the school district.

Easy enough to say, hard enough to do.

Candidate Runcie did not read the grand jury report and was criticized for it in some circles.

The answer is that he was right not reading it at the time.

It’s a highly flawed document and using it as a reference would have tainted his answers to public questions.

Now’s the time for him to read it and develop questions of his own.

The good news is that soon to be Superintendent Bob Runcie is an experienced administrator.

Even better news is that he’s experienced not only in education, but private industry as well, meaning he knows how to put the right people in the right places and yes, he’ll know how to fire people as well.

The best news of all was BTU President Pat Santeramo advising the School Board to conduct another search.

Apparently he is well aware that his take, take, take contracts are one of the main reasons that incompetents can’t be fired, which is a hidden treasure inside the grand jury report.

Having been in the business sector, Runcie should very well understand the concept of “givebacks” during negotiations, something that no other Superintendent or negotiator ever knew.

It’s quite obvious that Santeramo wants another lackey in the Superintendent’s chair who’ll give in at the union’s whim.

More paid days off.  More shafting younger teachers.  More protection for incompetent teachers and employees.

I suspect Runcie can run the gauntlet unscathed.

With his real world experience, Runcie has to spend some quality time analyzing each of the layers of every department.

The first place to start would be transportation beginning with a sit down with auditor Pat Riley.

And a number of us would like a clear explanation of why the department is using penciled in time sheets rather than the Kronos time and attendance system.

Considering the magnitude of the task for even a single department along with the normal day to day tasks for a Suprintendnt, the job’s not going to be done overnight.

It may take years to untangle the mess.

But at least now there’s hope.

And maybe even a light at the end of a very long tunnel.