About that headline…  I just can’t resist a good pun.

The School Board voted for their new Superintendent of Schools today, and candidate Robert Runcie was the pick of the majority of Board members.

As the Board commented on their choices, most were right out front for their candidate.

Board members Katie Leach, Patti Good and Ben Williams weren’t quite up front with their choices in the discussion, but were very well spoken about their concerns.

Board members Bartleman, Korn, Levinson and Murray were right out front with their choices for Runcie while Rupert and Dinnen were for Taylor.

But when the vote was taken, Runcie was nominated by Ms. Levinson and only two nays were counted.  Rupert and Dinnen.

Here’s how the votes were tallied…

Bartleman – Runcie

Dinnen – Taylor

Good – Runcie

Korn – Runcie

Leach – Runcie

Levinson – Runcie

Murray – Runcie

Rupert – Taylor

Williams – Runcie

A further vote was taken to make the choice vote unanimous was (pardon the expression) unanimous.

The Board Chair will now proceed to negotiate a contract with Mr. Runcie.

My readers and I, as a former School Board member, wish Bob Runcie well in a job that I can guarantee will be both rewarding and frustrating at the same time.