One thing you were never meant to know is that no less than three School Board members were making noises about running for higher office at the time.

Two of the Board members were looking at future County Commission runs.

One was looking at running for the State Legislature.

We already know about the intimidation and threats to Stephanie Kraft and myself.

We already know about the “Three Card Monte”  Bond issue they tried to sell the Board and taxpayers in 06.

Now information has surfaced that some of the goons at the Broward Workshop were more involved with School Board members than even I  previously knew.

One, maybe two members may have traded potential votes for support in future endeavors.

The “trade” ‘would be a crime had the issue come up for a vote, but it didn’t happen.

My sources tell me that the goon squad from the Workshop made the deal to keep the issue of getting rid of Frank Till off the agenda.

Some people would call it lobbying.

I call it selling out to special interest.

A prosecutor outside of Broward county might call it “influence peddling.” .

But back then, nobody seemed to be interested in the action behind the scenes at the School Board.

The alleged trade happened several years before the Great October Showdown.

As long as the issue never came to a Board vote, it wasn’t a violation of conduit clause in the Sunshine law, either.

One thing a good Board member (or any other elected official) learns to do is to count votes before an issue comes up to be placed on an agenda.

The short of it is that no Board member is going to place any issue on an agenda if they feel they won’t have a chance of getting a majority vote.

And so any effort to fire Till was successfully squashed for the time being, meaning the meddlers won and both taxpayers and the kids paid for it.  …Literally.

We already know that the goon squad was directly involved in getting their buddy Till the CEO job at Boys and Girls Club.

So what other meddling did the squad do with respect to purchase and policy in the school district?

How many of the “misspent” millions were a direct and indirect result of their meddling?  We’ll never know.

But you can bet plenty of it.

Don’t bother trying to guess which Board member(s) since there’s only one remaining from that era and it wasn’t him.

All of the others have gone on to other things, other places.

Maybe, just maybe, the goons at the Workshop need to meddle in the County Commission because the School Board is under a microscope.

A microscope of their making.