Right on…  Considering the senior staff promotions were nothing more than favoritism of the blind leading the blind.

Make that the incompetent leading the incompetent.  Even the grand jury acknowledged that.

Considering my own experience on the Board, most senior staffers weren’t even qualified to run the kiddie rides in a travelling carnival.

The “new” School Board did the right thing today in rejecting promotions placed on the agenda by one of the few remaining holdovers from the incompetent Frank Till.

The rejections are temporary, but it was the right thing to do considering there’ll be a new Marshall in town soon enough.

Interim Superintendent Donnie Carter has no business pushing through promotions and raises before he must step down.

One of the affected is Tom Lindner who is currently on track to permanently replace the late Michael Garretson.

I’ve written good things about Lindner in the past because of his clean up of the Maintenance department when first hired.

Back then, he performed a literal miracle.

But lately my sources have been saying that Lindner is not performing like the Lindner of old.

His performance over the issue of the maintenance facility construction without a valid contract in place leaves a lot to be desired.

And yes, I am being kind.

But as I’ve written before, the Board has the absolute authority to overrule the Superintendent and this time they did.

As I said, there’ll be a new Marshall in town and it should be his (or her) decision to make the recommendations.

Pardon me if this reads as though I don’t trust Donnie Carter’s decisions, but the truth is…  I don’t.

Carter’s been in too many situations where he could have stopped inappropriate activities of subordinate staff but didn’t.

No offense to Tom Lindner or anybody else, but I simply don’t trust Carter’s decisions, and apparently neither does the new majority.

The next major decision for the Board will be the selection of the new Superintendent.

It won’t be easy, and I don’t envy the Board members.

Considering the volatile history of Board and Superintendent relations over the last ten years, this will be a “make or break” decision for most.

But the new Superintendent should be making the decision on promotions and raises, not the interim.

And I’d wait about six months on the job to do it.