This coming tuesday, the School Board is scheduled to consider appointments to various positions, including a reappointment of a former School Board member.

B-2 item 1.  Approve Abraham Fischler to continue to serve on the Broward County Performing Art Center Authority.

Not that I would oppose the appointment of a former Board member to anything, but Fischler is a special case.

Dr. Fischler has been a member of the Board of Directors for a company called CELT out of Marlborough Mass.  He’s also a former member of the Broward School Board.

CELT is a technology company that benefited from no-bid contracts with the district for years thanks to Fischler and his relationship with Frank Till.

The biggest stinker was the $600,000 plus contract to review and repair the HRMS software from SAP.

While CELT was handed that contract, Apple Computer (world’s largest consumer of SAP software) offered to correct the problems for free.

I was in the room with both Till and the CIO of Apple when the offer was made.

Was it any wonder that Abe Fischler was one of the first to “advise” me not to vote to fire Frank Till?

Not that it ultimately mattered since CELT and Fischler continued their no-bid relationship with Jim Notter.

Until Notter himself was caught taking vendor paid junkets (a definite policy no-no) one of which was to CELT’s headquarters.

That particular  junket included a whale watching expedition.

Considering that Frank Till was always gung-ho in giving contracts to the company, somebody (maybe even a new Board member) should pull the records and find out exactly how many millions CELT made through the relationship with Fischler.

I just have to wonder what folks would be saying about me were I a director of a company doing no-bid business with the district.