The district has chosen six semi finalists for Superintendent.

Apparently in three of the six cases, the Board agrees with me.

Not too bad for a has-been.  (Don’t forget; much better to be a has-been than a never was…)

Debra Braithwaite, Columbia, S.C. with a PHD rather than an EdD.

“A transformational leader with demonstrated, consistent success as a school and school district administrator in urban, suburban and rural settings.”

Participates in the screening, selection, assignment, and evaluation of professional support staff.

Identifies budget reductions that limit negative impact to classrooms.

Establishes procedures to evaluate all district programs and makes recommendations for strategic abandonment of ineffective programs.

You can read her full resume here.

Thomas Seigel, South Roy, Washington

Seigel not only has experience as a district Superintendent, but has extensive leadership experience as a Naval Intelligence Officer.

Changed the district’s culture to ensure student learning.

Dramatically expanded and updated vocational-technical (career-technical) education.

Overhauled special education to go beyond compliance and ensure quality learning.

You can find Thomas Seigel’s resume here

Robert Runcie, Chicago, Illinois.

While not a Superintendent, he has experience in closing under performing schools and removing ineffective principals and teachers (something our district needs badly.)

According to his resume, Runcie also founded several companies with satellite offices around the country.

You can find Bob Runcie’s full resume here.

The three others were:

Dr. Bryan Bowles, superintendent, Davis School District, Farmington, Utah;  

One of those resumes that states jobs and achievements as single lines with absolutely no detail.

Bowles has participated in writing books and professional papers.  He began his career as an English teacher.

We’ll just have to wait for the interview process to get a clearer picture.

Dr. James Browder, former superintendent, Lee County Public Schools, Fort Myers;

Seven years as Superintendent of Lee County Schools.

Coordinated $90 million in budget reductions without seriously affecting classrooms.

Restructured district transportation program for lower costs and higher efficiency.

Dr. Bernard Taylor Jr., superintendent, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Grand Rapids, Mich.

This one’s interesting.  Taylor was also Superintendent of Kansas City, MO public schools from 2001 to 2006.  KC schools went bankrupt in 2010 forcing the closing of 28 schools.

Between 1985 and 2003, Federal judges ordered the State of Missouri to supply $2 billion extra to KC schools which wasted the money and lost accreditation.

Was Taylor in any way responsible?  Maybe not, but it seems he couldn’t get control of the situation, either.