I’m baaack…   I’ve taken a rather long vacation this year, but I’m ready to start complaining once again.  So let me begin with an oldie but a goodie and bring new readers up to date, since the format of Watching Broward has changed.  It also gives me a solid lesson on how to write with this new damned software!

I’ve really grown to love the blogoshpehre.  Reading feedback from posters who know little or nothing about the subject they’re posting about always gives me pause to reflect.  (Of course Marty’s new format that allows posters gives me even more pause to reflect… or comment!)

As my esteemed (ahem) colleague, Helen Thomas once said; “Everybody with a laptop thinks they’re a Journalist and anybody with a Cell Phone thinks they’re a photographer.”  Well, she was right at least that once.  (Despite her current forays into dementia.)

Considering some of the tripe I’ve read during the most recent campaign season, it goes without saying.  Not that I want to deny anybody a right to voice or even print an opinion, it seems to me that posters should at least attempt to read about and understand the subject of their postings.  (And trust me, another rip-roaring campaign season is about to get underway.)  More than likely they read and reflect the opinions of the original writer.  Stupid comments do make for good reading and good laughs.

I think it’s time for a lesson or two.  (Maybe even a refresher.)  I’m sure somebody’s told you that you don’t know Shit from Shinola.  I certainly know my share of folks who fit that description and I’ll bet you do as well.  So here’s a little cheat sheet graphic to help you explain the difference.

Yes, that’s right.  Shinola is (or was) a shoe polish and was definitely something that would be needed when some unfortunate fool stepped in shit.  That goes for some writers, too.

But in case the previous graphic isn’t clear enough for some, there’s one more I think some readers might need since some might

know Shit from Shinola, but might not know their Ass from their Elbow.

This lesson is really important because this is the first thing Doctors learn in Medical School.  After all, we wouldn’t want to bandage the wrong place when one skins an elbow, now would we?

— Sid Fields of course, is a nom-de-plume.  That’s pen name for those of you in Southwest Ranches. Sid’s articles will appear here from time to time, more likely than not, when he has something to say.  Who is Sid Fields?  That’s for me to know.  — Marty