Broward Beat’s resident curmudgeon, Sam Fields can be fun to read with his definitely ultra partisan point of view.

Before I go any further, let me state empirically, that now that I’ve ingratiated myself with the local Tea Party and Anystreet, let me ingratiate myself with local Democrats.

After all, I’ve always run non-partisan, so why stop now?

Sam, you’re absolutely wrong.  As you put it so succinctly on Broward Beat, wrong, wrong, wrong.

The School Board needs a good dose of Republican thinking.

Well, make that Conservative thinking.

The historically Democrat School Board has never had a clue as to how to stop the bleeding of money when it comes to ineffective management and staff.

It was always about “there’s not enough money, we need more!”  Even when I was on the Board and budgets were two and a half times the current size.

But I never sang that particular tune.

In fact, beyond the required construction to comply with class size, my district budgets were the leanest of any Board member.

Even in the face of a spend, spend, spend Democrat adviser who had the gonads to criticize me for not spending enough.

Meanwhile, the thinking of other members was that we needed double, maybe triple the funding we already were getting.

That’s been tried at Kansas City Schools without success.  Unless you consider losing accreditation for the entire district a success.

That district spent billions on everything.  Well, everything but improving student achievement.

Maybe some day, I’ll recount that story here.  Sam will love it.

Meanwhile the Broward district led by fellow Democrats has pissed away hundreds of millions in taxpayer money in bad construction, unneeded projects, poor financial management and unbridled union benefits.

The Board now has some Republican thinkers that will hopefully team up with the three newbies and not just ask the right questions but take direct action where needed.

And the grand jury was wrong.  According to state law, the Board has the ability to “exercise  any power” in order to manage the school district.

Oh, and one more thing for Sam…

Class size limits are a complete waste.  The law turned out to be nothing but a construction bill and a teacher jobs bill.

Forget FCAT and every other “standard” measure.

The only two measures that count are the high school graduation rates and the remediation rates at Broward College.

Neither have changed by any significant statistical amount in the decade since the law was passed.

Burying your head in the sand while calling for a Democrat only School Board is just another symptom of the problem.

And if you’re not a part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.