Words can be powerful.  Words can be deadly.

Just ask the 40 million or so who were casualties of World War II.

It all started with words from a miserable little despot.

But people listened to that little man and the world suffered greatly for it.

And now, representatives of the local Tea Party are entertaining some dangerous words.

Tea party representatives appearing on Fox shows such as O’Rilley and Hannity swear up and down that their groups are open to all. Republican, Democrat, Independent, etc., who believe in limited government and lower taxes.

Absolute bullshit.

The recent Anystreet meeting was populated by local brownshirts.

I’ve been around the block more than once and have seen and experienced hatred from all sorts of groups.

In the 60’s I even lived in the deep south for a while and endured deep hatred of blacks and Jews.

In workplaces it was pure hatred by those who couldn’t keep up and would rather sit on their lazy asses and collect their salaries.

After all, how dare guys like me make them look lazy and unproductive.

Even in the last few years, hatred from fellow Democrats who were (and still are) nothing more than overblown demagogues, including a very recently booted County Commissioner.

I’ve been lied about by groups, lied about by newspaper reporters, lied about by blog writers and even lied about on one occasion by a fat overblown useless piece of shit radio talkshow host.

Through all of that, I’ve never been ejected from any place or meeting.

Until the recent Anystreet meeting that is.

And the “open to all” Tea Party was at the bottom of it.

People need to be aware of what’s being planned by this group that purports itself to be defenders of the Constitution.

The Broward chapter of Anystreet.org held an “organizing”  meeting last week chaired by JoJo Von Hohenzollern, an immigrant from behind the Iron Curtain, and featured a demagogue lecture by radio talkshow host Joyce Kaufman.

Here’s a copy of the e-mail invitation:

Subject: Conservative Community Organizing Meeting Tonight – Please RSVP Since Space is Limited – Wednesday’s GB Event Details –


Tonight, Tuesday August 23rd, 2011   6:30 PM

Do you realize that it’s less than one year until the primaries? 

Do you feel confident about the outcome of the 2012 elections? 

Do you feel that the country continues to lean to the left?

 Conservative leaders and activists to meet and begin strategizing and organizing Broward.

The e-mail came from the Ft. Lauderdale Tea party address.

Not a single word about the agenda or the message.

Beyond the details of where and when, the e-mail came with an attachment that had a one line notice about Joyce Kaufman:  “Joyce Kaufman will be joining us and addressing us the importance of organizing and working together.”

But Kaufman did not deliver a message of unity and camaraderie to the conservative movement.

Instead she delivered a message of pure, unadulterated hatred.

She promoted Jihad against Democrats, Eliminating the primary election system, and keeping the riff raf out of the organization.

“Narrow the umbrella” as she put it.

She also read from Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,”telling the participants they needed to engage in the same loony tactics as the loony ultra radical left.

In Kaufman’s twisted world, there would be absolutely no difference between the radical left and the radical right.

Only the goal. Eliminating primary elections and keeping people out of the club so to speak is hardly a Constitutional goal.

But then, in her world, the ends justify the means.

Kaufman is no stranger to stupid, incendiary statements.

“if ballots don’t work, bullets will” in a July 4th speech.

In 2007 she was quoted from her own radio show as saying “If you commit a crime while you’re here, we should hang you and send your body back to where you came from, and your family should pay for it.”

In each case, including her statements in front of Anystreet, the law be damned.

Make that the Constitution itself be damned.

We’ve seen this kind of crap before. In the 60’s it was in the name of America and purity.  And getting rid of  undesirables.

In the 60’s it was about the socialist worker.  And silencing political opponents.

In the 60’s it was about keeping blacks in their place.  Jews and Catholics too.

Today it’s about getting rid of Democrats. and anybody else who doesn’t measure up to Kaufman’s twisted view of the world.

Mad Dog Radicals on the trash heap of American history.

In the 60’s it was the American Nazi Party led by George Lincoln Rockwell.

In the 60’s it was the American Communist Party led by Angela Davis.

In the 60’s it was the Klan led by Robert Shelton.

Today, if Kaufman has her way, it’ll be Anystreet.  At least Broward’s Anystreet.

Tomorrow it’ll be the Broward Tea Party.

Winston S. Churchill once said; “If you’re under 30 and not a liberal, you have no heart.  

If you’re over 30 and still a liberal, you have no brain.”

I’ll go one better:  “If you’re any age and agree with Kaufman’s ravings, you’ve lost your sanity.”

The loonies at the meeting actually taking Kaufman’s ravings to heart were mostly Tea Party “patriots.”

Their Facebook page promotes the fact that some of the leaders are taking Kaufman’s message of Jihad to their local meetings.

The Tea Party folks who attended that meeting need to come to their senses before Kaufman’s foaming at the mouth rhetoric infests the organizations and destroys their credibility completely.

And Kaufman needs to be tossed onto the trash heap of American history with Rockwell, Davis and Shelton.