In parting shots after I was ejected from the Anystreet meeting, Joyce Kaufman talked “down” to the dirty ‘ole Democrat.

Basically saying I should abandon the party.

I told her no.  I told her that my ideals weren’t Obama, but JFK.

“JFK is dead 45 years!” was her retort, as though his ideals are dead as well.

Well, Ronald Reagan is every bit as dead as JFK, but I’ll bet Kaufman won’t denigrate his ideals because of it.

Uhhh… Joyce, Reagan’s ideals were much closer to JFK’s than the likes of you.

Don’t worry, Kaufman is no second coming of Ronald Reagan.   Martha Mitchell, (the mouth of the South) maybe.

I forgot to mention last time that during her speech, Kaufman advocated ending the primary process by essentially holding a fund raising contest with the winner being chosen by having the biggest bankroll.

Forget the idea that the candidate with the biggest bankroll doesn’t always win an election.

Forget the idea that the voters have the right to choose who they want to represent “their” party, their ideas.

Forgive the quotes, because the idea of “their” party is in jeopardy by the likes of Kaufman with her half baked ideas of how things should run.

In Kaufman’s own words; “forget fairness.”

Under her scheme, three or four major players with multiple bank accounts will decide who represents you.  Just pile on the money and let them pick.

Hell, let’s just let Storm Trooper Kaufman pick the candidates in each race.

It reminds me of the way Dems did it 20 years ago.   No, not money, but Dems had their “chosen” too, and the attitude in more powerful clubs back then was line up behind our candidate or line up against the wall.


Sounds just like the attitude from Kaufman at the Anystreet meeting.

Line up with us or line up against the wall…  Something out of the ’30s and ’40s if you ask me.

I happened to hear Hanity last night while writing the last article.

He had a pundit talking aout the tea party and how it was open to Republicans and Democrats alike.

Not in Broward County.

There were three Jewish folks in the room boasting about Jewish outreach.  Four Jews if you count yours truly.

These three were so proud of themselves and their stated goal.

And then they stood silently watching their fellow Jew being “escorted” out.

Jewish outreach, my ass…

Just like the Kapos of Nazi Germany.  Their goal was Jewish outreach, too:  Work gangs or gas chamber.

It’s not that the tea party has a bad name.

It’s the likes of Kaufman that give the tea party a bad name.