A friend of mine invited me as his guest at a meeting of the fledgling Anystreet wing of the Tea Party.

Wanting to see how radical or normal the folks might be, I found mostly normal folks attending the meeting with two very important exceptions.

The speaker was radio talkshow host Joyce Kaufman, the only holdover from a once powerful set of call letters and a radio station that isn’t even second in the marketplace.

For those who don’t remember, the original WFTL was the powerhouse of the talk radio set when owned by the  group including Steve Kane and the late Rick Seiderman.

Kaufman gave an inflammatory speech about taking back the country from those die hard socialists who call themselves Democrats.

Somewhere in her speech, she alluded to the fact that not all Dems were socialists and some Republicans are, essentially inflaming the audience against anybody Democrat or Republican that didn’t agree with her whacked out views.

She started talking about community organizing and used ACORN as a reference.  More about the ACORN reference later.

I kind of thought she would talk about tolerance and working from within the community, but she basically told the group to be wary of differing ideas, narrow the umbrella and in not so many words, don’t let the riff raff in.

But that wasn’t enough.  Kaufman went further.

She started by telling the group how voters were turned off by Democrat harangues and lies of opponents leading to victory for Allen West against Ron Klein.

Maybe so.

But after making the point about the horrible tactics engaged by Ron Klein and his supporters against Allen West and the voter anger because of it, Kaufman shifted 180 degrees and told the group it was time to declare Jihad against Democrats.

She accused Democrats of blowing up things and people, at least figuratively.

Only in advocating Jihad, she forgets that real Jihadists blow up things and people for real.

Or is that what she’s really advocating?

Of course she then read aloud Saul Alinsky’s ten rules for radicals and told the crowd that this is the way it must be.

What’s next?  Nuclear weapons?

One of those who demanded to keep out the riff raff (me) was none other than the neo-conservative loon, Lynn Simon who’s now running for House District 97 in Weston.

When I was introduced, Simon piped up with a rather unpleasant comment.

I looked at her and basically shut her up by asking which was the intolerant one.

Readers will remember that Simon wanted me to expose opponent Laurie Rich Levinson’s financials and when I challenged her to do it (offering a by line on Watching Broward) she backed off post haste.

Ultimately, I took up her challenge and published the results, which I guess she didn’t like.

$52,000 in small donations from voters.  Yes, she got big money, too, but the small money made a bold statement.

And of course, I followed up with Simon’s financials.

She didn’t like that, either.

Of course when Simon, the self proclaimed Conservative leader lost her bid for the School Board, she turned and decided to support the ULTRA LIBERAL, CRIMINAL Phyllis Hope for re-election.

One of the same “self serving, meddling non-feasant School Board members” criticized in the grand jury report.

What Simon and the others don’t get is that I’ve always run non-partisan.

I’ve always listened to everybody’s voice, not just Mitch Ceasar’s.

And got kudos (and support) from Shane Strum (then Chair of BREC) for being the key vote to stop a $3/4 billion attempt to bilk the taxpayer.

Just imagine, a Democrat getting kudos from the BREC Chair!  (I guess that now makes Shane Strum an outcast?)

I don’t have a problem with tea party principles of lower taxation and limited government.

But I do have a problem with radical right-wing nuts who preach Jihad rather than trying to work out real solutions to real problems.

Isn’t it amazing how tea partiers demand tolerance of their ideas from Democrats, but aren’t willing to extend the same?

Take a good look at their website, anystreet.org.  The home page has a video that leads off with an image of King Louis XIV at the guillotine.

Looks like a darker mirror image of ACORN to me.

And perhaps since Kaufman used ACORN as a comparison for community organizing, could she advocating that Anystreet adopt ACORN tactics such as bullying banks and businesses and committing mass voter fraud as well?

I have no problem with the idea of a Conservative community organizing group, but I do have a problem with a group led around by the nose by slash and burn radicals like Kaufman.  Why just not spring Ted Kazinsky?

Joyce Kaufman is nothing other than a darker mirror image of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

It’s no wonder people can’t work together.

Expect Kaufman to foam off at the mouth on her next show.  I promise I won’t be listening.