I’ve been saying it for years both as a Board member and since.

Construction and Facilities staff is as corrupt as the day is long.

The grand jury said otherwise.

Well, now we have crystal clear evidence that this new School Board has been trying to stop the construction of the uncontracted maintenance facility on the edge of the Everglades for months on end.

Staff reaction to the Board’s inquires and demands?

Stuff it where the sun don’t shine…  We’re gonna build it anyway.

Not in so many words, of course.

But then actions speak louder than words.

And more than an additional $million funneled into the project since the project was questioned in June.

But nothing done other than maybe a slab being poured.

Slabs don’t cost $1 million.  Well, not in private industry anyhow.

Readers, this is a “SEE, I TOLD YOU SO” moment for me.

And from his Channel 10 report, I suspect even Bob Norman is beginning to realize the real truth about the school district and exactly who isn’t accountable.

If work on the facility hasn’t been stopped, the Board needs to direct their attorney to find legal means to issue a stop work order immediately.

It doesn’t need to come from the Superintendent, although it should.

fs 1001.32 (2) DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD.—In accordance with the provisions of s. 4(b) of Art. IX of the State Constitution, district school boards shall operate, control, and supervise all free public schools in their respective districts and may exercise any power except as expressly prohibited by the State Constitution or general law.(emphasis, mine)

State law provides the Board with the power to do whatever it needs to in order to accomplish any goal despite what you’ve read from the uninformed, out of control, incompetent grand jury.

I’ve written time and time again that facilities staff testified before the grand jury and intentionally misled the investigation, failing to disclose pertinent facts such as their own buddies getting cushy jobs with builders, and giving misleading testimony.

And it’s the very same facilities staff that’s embroiled in the refusal to shut down this uncontracted project right now.

We now know that Stephanie Kraft isn’t behind this.

Neither are Bob Parks, Beverly Gallagher, Phyllis Hope, nor any of the other “old guard.”

As much as I hate to say it, this is a perfect opportunity for a no holds barred State’s Attorney criminal investigation.

It’s about time Mike Satz got off his lazy ass and actually did something about the district corruption.

As we heard in Bob Norman’s report, in a recent workshop, the Board clearly gave staff direction to stop the project.

Has it happened?  Not yet.

A year ago, Buddy Nevins asked the best question of all: “If staff lied to the Board, then why didn’t the Board fire the staff?”

It’s plainly obvious that a chain of Superintendents have had no interest in controlling staff.

Under the powers granted by fs 1001.32 (2), maybe it’s time for the Board to step in and stop the madness once and for all.