The proposed district maintenance building has reared its ugly head once again.

The building was placed on the district facilities plan ten years ago.

No problem so far?

Well, not exactly.

The project won Board approval not ten years ago, but in April of 2008.

Still no problem?

Well, again, not exactly.  You see, the contract had only thirteen days remaining before it expired.  Beginning to see a problem?

So why did the project take so long to win Board approval?

I suppose some dim bulb will point a finger at Board members.  I guess Board members not only approve contracts for their friends, but delay them intentionally, too.

Yeah, likely story.

But I do have questions.

Since part of the job of the Board Attorney (who works for the Board, not the Superintendent) is to approve a contract as to form before it goes to the dais for a vote, how in the world did Ed Marko miss this one?

And exactly why did it take eight years to get to the dais?

Well, that one’s easy considering the Keystone Kops running facilities at the time.

Good old Mike Garretson with excuse after excuse for why things never got started on time, let alone finished on time.

Board member Ann Murray says the project was propelled by “gentlemen’s agreements.”

No, make that more like the usual set of incompetent boobs at the root of most of the district debacles.

Well, let’s see…

Ann Murray wasn’t on the Board.  Neither were Dave Thomas, Nora Rupert, Laurie Rich Levinson nor Patti Good.

It wasn’t Bob Parks’ district, nor was it Phyllis Hope’s or even Stephanie Kraft’s.

But, in April of 2008, the unlamented Michael Garretson was still at the helm of Facilities and Construction along with his staff of incompetent project managers.

Garretson, with his penchant to issue almost unlimited TCOs took another eight months to issue a notice to proceed on an already expired contract.

And Garretson worked for the two Superintendents who had no clue as to holding his feet to the fire, Frank Till and Jim Notter.

It’s no surprise that the notice to proceed came eight months after the contract expired.

Now let me throw a contrasting light on a Garretson – Till operation:

Anybody remember the swamp land debacle?


While nobody was either in a rush to renew or keep the Royal Concepts contract current, Garretson and Till were right there on top of the swamp land contract extended time after time until the purchase was complete.

Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard…