One of the Facebook pages I use is one for Watching Broward when the original site took no comments.

Some people still post on that page, but it’s a shrinking number, almost to zero.

Speaking of zeroes, continue reading…

What we have one of those brave souls who hasn’t got the guts to post under a real name while throwing accusations.

Take a good look at a pea brain hiding behind an entire community (which he or she doesn’t represent.)

Woodlands Tamarac Not Bob Sutton. We didn’t want him in the primaries and we don’t want him now.

(I’m willing to bet pea brain didn’t vote, not that there’s any way for pea brain to prove it.)

Watching Broward Would you rather have Jaemi Levine or Stew Webster?

Rather than answer the question, pea brain followed up with this:

Woodlands Tamarac How much is Bob paying you for all this PR and event hosting?

Watching Broward Get off the PARTISAN bullshit and start thinking real solutions. Rather than being an asswipe, perhaps you should try working with others who you don’t agree with and find some common solutions that work.

And once again, another jewel of wisdom –

Woodlands Tamarac So how much is he paying you, Marty?

Watching Broward No, the question is; how much are you being paid to ask stupid questions and wear blinders?

Pea brain is one of the prime reasons why Congress is broken, and probably a key reason why the School Board is broken.