I had a conversation with Bob Sutton yesterday.

He told me he wasn’t going to seek the appointment for the newly vacant School Board seat.

I told Sutton that he should make the application.

Red Broward reports that he will.

UPDATE: I spoke to Sutton this morning and he’s going for it…

I vigorously opposed Sutton during last year’s primary election because of his involvement with the “tea party.”

It wasn’t so much the tea party as it was the fact that it was led by the efforts of two fairly recent arrivals in Broward County with effectively no local voting records or traces of any activism at all.

The “do as I say, not as I do” actions hurt him big time.

After the election I got to know Sutton.

He’s a level headed Republican who cares enough about public schools and children to give up time that could be spent making money in order to teach at Piper High School.

That’s nothing to sneeze at.

I would be tempted to ask how many of my Democrat friends would interrupt their own careers to work for children anywhere in the school system, but then I remembered that I did that too.

He was Piper High School’s teacher of the year, and Sunrise’s teacher of the month this past June.

Sutton also came in last June and rescued local teachers from being charged the 3% retirement kick in for time they’d already worked if they were being paid past July 1st.

A little disclosure is in order here; Sutton and I have been working cooperatively on a project about teachers and success in the classroom since the beginning of the year.

In Dave Thomas, we had a kick ass military man who wouldn’t take shit from anybody and understood the concept of leadership.

With Sutton, the Board would have what it needs most.

A business oriented person with the ability to read and understand budgets, along with the expertise to know when to spend money and more importantly, when not to.

And a take no shit attitude.

It’s time to put partisanship aside (in a non partisan job, no less) and realize that Sutton, unlike most, (who will surely complain) has already put his money where his mouth is.