School Board member Dave Thomas will turn in his official resignation tomorrow.

Wife Cindy is undergoing therapy for illness as a result of two previous cancer therapies.

Dave informs me that it isn’t cancer this time, but it requires considerable attention of both Cindy and Dave.

Don’t be foolish enough to believe that being a School Board member is only a part time job.

Only the pay rate is part time.

School Board or any other elected job isn’t part time by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s a 24 hour a day job, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Most everybody else can walk out the office door when the workday is finished and leave the job behind until the next day, but not a Board member or any other elected official.

Folks like Dave Thomas don’t stop being School Board members the moment they step off the dais (as some blog writers would have you believe.)

Members of the public cannot possibly understand until they’ve walked in an elected’s shoes.

In that light, Thomas will be returning to Taravella High School as a “full time” teacher starting this Monday.

Expect his “full time” pay rate to be more than twice his School Board salary.

Since there’s almost exactly one year to go before the next cycle of elections, count on the Governor to appoint the next District 4 representative along with a new election next year.

I would expect that election to follow the usual primary cycle with an August 2012 winner only with a 50% + 1 margin or a November runoff.

So prepare for a new District 4 campaign season to launch within days.


You might think so when reading Buddy’s Broward Beat today.

That’s also going around in the county’s rumor mill, but who knows?

According to Buddy’s article, he’s contacted the individual’s husband, meaning the target is a she.

And that leaves four out of six possibles.

Ann Murray and Maureen Dinnen are single.

True?  We’ll see…


Word spreading like wildfire throughout Sunrise city workers is that Sheila Alu will run for Ilene Lieberman’s County Commission seat.

Although she “announced” her intent to run on both Broward Beat and Bob Norman’s Pulp column at the beginning of this year, she’s been silent since.

But the rumor mill fired up almost the moment the District 4 Appeals Court upheld term limits for County Commissioners and dashed hopes for anybody under that umbrella to run for another term.

No new entries on the Supervisor of Elections today.

Now that we know Ilene Lieberman won’t run, expect competition for the seat to begin in earnest.

It ought to be interesting to say the least.