“A rising tide lifts all boats.”

The original quote about rising tide lifting all boats was made popular by JFK, one of my personal heroes.

It was actually discovered by soon to be JFK Presidential adviser, Ted Sorensen while tackling economic issues in New England.  The quote actually was a tagline from the area Chamber of Commerce.

JFK made it famous.

And it’s been used and misused ever since, especially by some (only some) of our trade unions.

Units such as SEIU use it regularly when it comes to subjects like economic justice.

But there’s economic justice and then there’s “economic justice.”  I suppose it all relates to our point of view.

When I was a union member, our contracts also specified a  pay scale.

But that scale was based on whatever percentage we negotiated, and if we had a 3-3-3 contract, we actually got the full 3% for each raise, not one where bottom scale received $30 while top scale received $4,000.

In our case, the tide rose very nicely.

So where’s this “rising tide” when it comes to our teachers?

And now we find out that the union employees, especially the union bosses have not only given themselves substantial raises while all teachers got nothing in the last three years, but effectively get “free” contributions to their retirement accounts that essentially match what most bottom scale teachers earn per year.

Put it this way:  What these leeches get for “free” many teachers have to work their collective butts off for an entire school year.

Something’s drastically wrong here.

Okay, the union is “cutting back.”

Cutting back should have been done two years ago.  In light of the AFT complaint, it’s nothing more than a publicity stunt.

The only rising boats belong to the BTU bosses.

It’s beginning to look like low tide on University Drive in Tamarac.