Now that the county is about to complete the widening of Pine Island Road in north Sunrise, the residents of the Sunblest townhomes community on Pine Island and Springtree Lakes Drive are fuming.


Because their “neighbors” across the street in Lauderhill have a brand new noise wall to shut out traffic sounds from homeowners’ back yards.

That wall was planned before the project broke ground.

No wall was planned for Sunblest and hence it wasn’t in the county’s budget even though the Lauderhill wall was.

Well, half of the cost was.

The City of Lauderhill split the cost of the noise wall with the county.

The reality of the situation is that residents of Sunblest were asleep at the switch when it came to the two county meetings with residents and members of the affected communities.

I’ve been to both, and was the only resident of Sunrise at the last one.

That meeting, held in 2006, was packed with Lauderhill residents, and yes, the meeting was well advertised in advance.

And that’s the meeting where plans for a wall was announced.

But that’s not good enough and now Sunblest residents are demanding “their” noise wall, too.

Considering the area will need to be torn up once again along with moving water and sewer service, the total cost of their wall are estimated to exceed $1 million.

Length of the wall?  half a block.

Should the city build it?

Were it any other city but Sunrise, I’d say no.

But Sunrise has a cool $77 million in reserves, which is almost double the reported reserves of two years ago.

For a city that runs a bus service almost exclusively for the seniors in Sunrise Lakes at the cost of $1 million a year to taxpayers, I say go for it.

Giving a little back to the residents who pay for the buses they can’t use shouldn’t be out of the question.