Last week’s article  hit the nail squarely on the head when it came to outsourcing one of the largest money sinkholes in the Broward school district.

After further investigation, I’ve found that the Broward school district has the highest cost per mile in the entire state.

The investigation was prompted by my source on Donnie Carter’s refusal to either acknowledge or even answer questions on the Transportation department’s non use of the Kronos time and attendance system, filling out time sheets in pencil instead.

That source, who I can now name, is Andrew Ladanowski, a member of the Facilities Taskforce.

According to another letter, sent this time to the Governor’s office:

“We have informed the board of the success some of the local cities in Broward County have done in outsourcing.  We also noted the fact that Duval County outsourced their transportation several years ago.  Mr. James Notter, the previous superintendent, gave us unsubstantiated information that Duval was trying to bring transportation back in house.”

As it turns out, the Duval County school system is using three private contractors, Student Transportation of America, Durham School Services, and First Student, inc.

During the search, I found Duval’s 2009 contracting report with some very pertinent information:

Duval County’s cost per mile was by far the lowest in the comparison table at $2.65 per mile, while Broward was the highest at $5.32 per mile.

Duval County and its school system is about 3 times the size of Broward on a land area map.

To put it mildly, outsourcing the Transportation department stands to cut service costs almost in half.

Put in perspective, when I was a School Board member, the Magnet program alone cost the district $11 million per year along with an additional $8 million for transportation.

Is it any wonder why Transportation managers blow off Board member requests for budget information?

And it’s certainly no wonder why Ruben Parker blew off my requests to find cheaper, alternative methods of fueling school buses several years ago.

What is probably the largest sinkhole in the school district doesn’t want anybody raining on their parade.