Interim Superintendent Donnie Carter says there was no impropriety in the financial mishandling of money at South Plantation High.

That statement flies in the face of statements from school staffers themselves acknowledging to the district auditor they knew they were bypassing district policy.

Carter also says it’s been going on for ten years as though it’s history and nothing can be done about it.

Or there’s no reason to do anything about it.


The fact that it’s history places it squarely under the responsibility of former Principal Joel Herbst.

As I said before, it doesn’t matter if Herbst was complicit in it, or unaware of it.

In either case it’s a disaster for the district in general, and yet more examples of unaccountable staff and management.

And Carter’s refusal to deal with it is another.

And all the while Maureen (corruption? What corruption?) Dinnen struggles to make excuses for the problem.

What we have is a set of audit findings of mismanagement along with a pair of bozos who are directly linked to the district incompetence of years past.

Nero continues to fiddle while Rome burns.

Now here’s the good news:

Board members are beginning to pay attention.

Member Laurie Levinson notes that memos and promises aside, auditing exceptions for schools are not being addressed and that report after report are showing the same problems without being solved.

It’s the old school district shell game.

Nobody’s holding subordinates accountable.

Board member Dave Thomas noted that he intends to hold Donnie Carter accountable, and that’s the first time any School Board member has put that idea forward.

One by one, each of the new members (and even some of the old members) are seeing and understanding the same crap I had to deal with when I was a member.

Only it’s beginning to look like this Board is beginning to develop the gonads to deal with it.