Chief cook and bottle washer Rubinstein

Back in ancient times (when I was a Board member) the district was approved for purchasing a Kronos time and attendance management system.

Apparently seven years later, all is not hunky dory with a system that should have been a no brainer.

At the very least, the district’s transportation system isn’t using it.

They’re still using paper time sheets.

Time sheets filled out in pencil.

Remember, this is Ruben Parker’s old stomping grounds, replete with $1 million in missing equipment including a complete $30,000 computer based telephone system.

It’s the same stomping grounds loaded to the gills with friends and family of department management.

Some would call that “nepotism.”  Including yours truly.

Make that nepotism run amuck.

And now the information comes that not only is the department still using 20th century technology to track time and attendance, but records are being filled out in pencil.

And I’m hearing accusations of employees getting paid even though not showing up.

I, myself, have  witnessed two Broward School Buses pulling up behind Broward Mall at 10am, both drivers exiting the buses and going into the mall to shop.

Meanwhile, Interim Superintendent Donnie Carter has been asked time and time again what the status of Kronos has been.

The response?

Absolutely nothing. Nada.  Not even a “thank you, we’ll look into it.”

I’m holding back the name of the sender for now, but take a look at some of the e-mail requests to Carter’s office so far…


June 1, 2011

Mr. Carter,

Good Morning, I would like to know the update or plan with respect to the Transportation and Kronos, and if you agreed on our recommendations now that you have had time to investigate. We have a meeting this Thursday for Facilities Task force and I would like to update them on this.


June 4, 2011

Mr. Carter,

I have not received a response from you on this issue.


June 14, 2011

Mr. Carter,

Good Morning, Still have not heard from you, I would like to know the update or plan with respect to the Transportation and Kronos, and if you agreed on our recommendations now that you have had time to investigate.


June 23, 2011

Mr. Carter,

Congratulations on your position as interim Super Intendant. As a tax payer, I am interested in knowing an update on the Kronos, what progress has been made and who did you assign this to.

This is a lot of money being wasted each month as we delay this.

Is there any information that I am giving you that is incorrect or misleading?


July 26, 2011

Mr. Carter,

I have still not received a response  with respect to lack of use if Kronos.  This was purchased over 5 years ago and still not being used.  This email started May 17,2011.  This is a budgeting issue. 


And the latest e-mail (sent last night)  July 31, 2011

Dear Mr. Carter,

 Pursuant to F.S. Ch. 119, I am making a public records request for the following information:

 I request information on all costs associated with Kronos; original purchase, any installation costs, any follow up costs.

There’s more documentation, which I’m in the process of examining.

But the fact that Carter’s office can’t find a spare moment to either answer the e-mails or assign somebody to do it speaks volumes.

And I don’t care what’s being done or who’s doing it (although I suspect I know) but not answering the e-mails smacks of misfeasance.

For those who don’t remember, Carter was appointed Chief Operations Officer by Frank Till and assigned to manage ETS (district technology office) after Vijay Sonty was sent packing.

Meaning the man directly responsible for technology won’t answer the questions.

Something stinks.