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Bob Norman’s Local 10 article on the Nepotism law is absolutely corret.

(OMG, I’m actually agreeing with Norman, so mark this day as a historical event!)

In a reply to Score Keeper who actually posted a comment here, I wrote this:

“I was never comfortable with any sort of “nepotism” in the system. Not with Board members’ wives or family members as Principals or even teachers.  Not with Senior staff with relatives as Principals or other jobs.  Notter included.  But the system’s so overwhelmed with relatives working in the system that it’s just about impossible to stop.   I was probably the only Board member with no family involved in the system at all.  Those that aren’t dead are either too old to work or don’t live anywhere near the state.  Children still in college (but still in Florida.)  The bad news is that my youngest daughter wants to be a teacher.  I’m trying to talk her out of it.  As for Dinnen’s relatives, there may indeed be more to it than meets the eye.  Question is, how do you prove it?”

The loophole in the anti Nepotism law is ludicrous for sure and must be closed.

But how does one apply the law when for example, Ben William’s wife was a school Principal long before he himself was elected to the Board?

Bar Willams from running?  Can’t do that.

Fire Mrs. Williams when he wins?

Fire any teacher or non-instructional employee because a relative ran for the Board and won?

Can’t do any of those without violating probably a dozen federal and state anti discrimination laws.

Such might be the reasoning behind the loophole.

But certainly such provisions can be made in the law while closing the obvious and not so obvious loopholes.

But while the loopholes should be closed by law, they can and must be closed by Board policy.

New hires should be required to disclose family members working in Supervisory capacity within the system and be prevented from consideration.

Companies seeking to do business with the district should be required to disclose officers or employees that have relatives in any Supervisory capacity within the district and barred from doing business.

While it might be possible that Dinnen did not know that her Nephew and Grand Niece did business with the district (a stretch for sure, but still…)  the two relatives had to know their Aunt was a Board member.

Is it possible that Dinnen did not know?  The answer is simple: “Corruption?  What corruption?”