Chief cook and bottle washer Rubinstein

Oh, pity the poor residents of Coral Springs because it seems that some of their city Commissioners have no balls.

The commission voted this past week to abrogate their own responsibility of financial management and instead ask the voters to decide on raising their own property taxes.

Ya gotta be kidding…  What in the world do they think the answer will be?

How about a resounding “no thanks?”

But here’s the real problem:

The superfluous election will cost the taxpayers about $100,000.

If the city is that short of money, the Commissioners will simply have wasted more of it.

The very reason voters hire Commissioners is to make the important decisions for them.

Hey, maybe we’ve got a new trend going here…

Streets need repaving?

Let’s let the voters decide!

Raising the fire fees? Put it to the voters.

Hell, let the voters decide on whether or not to have the add on fire fees at all.

How about having any property taxes at all?

Now that’s real democracy in action.

But the American form of government is not a Democracy despite what many mistakenly believe.

We are a Republic that elects representatives to make those decisions for us.

Good or bad.

Apparently three of the five member Commission don’t want opponents pointing fingers during the next election over raising taxes.

Too bad, because that’s the job they were elected to do.

And the idea pushing their sworn responsibility on to the voters is absolutely ludicrous.