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Just me...

Perhaps the union should read its own posting, but they actually might agree with flawed data.

They’ve posted a New York Times article on a Rand Corporation study of New York’s failed attempt at pay for performance when it comes to schools and teachers.

Believe me, we’re dealing with union mentality through and through.

According to the Times article; “The decision was made in light of a study that found the bonuses had no positive effect on either student performance or teachers’ attitudes toward their jobs.”

The rest of us can’t possibly be living on the same planet.

But maybe, just maybe, there was no positive effect because the share the wealth crowd effectively gave zippo to the achievers begging the question “why bother?”

The “study” found no effect on student scores or grades on an already controversial measuring of grades and further states the bonus plan had “no effect on the way teachers did their jobs.”


New York’s bonus program operated on a “school wide” basis, not on an individual teacher basis.

The study found that in those schools that decided to distribute bonuses equally, everybody got money.

Where schools bonused some teachers more than others, everybody still got a piece of the pie, meaning those who did little or nothing made out like the bandits they truly were.

The whole point of pay for performance is to reward those who make a difference, not take some of it and “spread the wealth.”

Meanwhile the goofballs in New York City have decided to continue seeking a merit pay model that works.

Maybe the Bozos should try asking Donald Trump for a few suggestions.

I’d suggest Elliot Spitzer, but we already know how that would go.