The sleaze of the old Sunrise Salerno gang is getting its due one by one.

First, Salerno himself having been shown the door with advice not to let it hit him in the ass on his way out several years ago.

But don’t pity the guy too much.

He left with almost $800,000 in severance pay along with free healthcare and long term care for life thanks to Sunrise taxpayers and a city commission that did his bidding.

Former Mayor (now Judge) Steve Feren is under federal investigation over the refund of his deposit at TAO.

And just maybe since the four year statute of limitations for elected officials doesn’t begin until after leaving office, there may very well be other questions.

Or maybe not.  Only time will tell.

But Howard Kusnick was involved in the city’s background to the point of being almost an equal partner of the gang.

He was part and parcel of not only the Salerno gang but also the old All Service Refuse gang that tried to acquire and then cheat Bonaventure condo owners with exorbitant garbage fees just like they did with Sunrise Lakes.

All Service along with “lobbyist” Kusnick were exposed for harassing Commissioners Rosen and Alu for daring to want open bidding on their contract.

The result?  When it hit the newspapers in 2005, Kusnick, the rest of the lobbyists, and the President of All Service were handed walking papers.

It led to elimination of the no-bid contract and open negotiations for the first time in almost 15 years.

Oh, and lower rates with improved service for all Sunrise residents.

Kusnick was also a registered Director of the Sister Cities of Sunrise non profit corporation that funneled money to the gang’s commissioners for travel to Europe and the Middle East.

When Sister Cities refused to open its books to the commission, it led to the newer commissioners divorcing Sunrise from the Sister Cities organization.

But one holdover from the old gang wanted the remainder of funds for one more junket to Israel.

Who?  Just call him “Da Judge.”.

But none of this wound up getting Kusnick.

It was his involvement with the Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein to defraud auto dealer Ed Morse and his wife out of $57 million.

And now?

Law license up in smoke as of Thursday, but I don’t think that’ll be a problem since he won’t be able to practice in jail.

Sentencing on criminal charges will come later this summer.

One by one they fall.  Hard.