The good news this time is that it’s not in Broward County.

Or even in Florida for that matter.

Former Atlanta Schools Superintendent Dr. Beverly Hall denied any knowledge that almost 80% of the district’s elementary and middle schools cheated on state required exams.

Hall, who retired last month was interviewed in Hawaii while on vacation.

She said she simply “didn’t know.”

When pressed further, the answer was “no comment.”

The bad news is that local sources absolutely love to report that when teachers leave Broward because they can’t afford to live, many go to Georgia.

A connection?

Highly unlikely, but we’ll never know for sure.

More than likely it’s simply another case of Amnesius Convenientadius which has been a rather common affliction in Broward for years.

Generally an affliction of local journalists, it has on occasion affected district Superintendents as well.

Frank Till tended to forget that managers were committing crimes and staff was advocating property acquisitions that could never be used or yearly payments that went on forever.

Jim Notter forgot about Transportation investigations along with forgetting to fire the managers at the root of the trouble.

It’s an illness that requires further investigation both here and in Atlanta.

Meanwhile the former chair of the Atlanta School Board, Khaatim El, unexpectedly resigned, not because of the scandal, but to take on a $100 million school improvement project in Newark New Jersey funded by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

According to the Sun Sentinel; “El had been warning the city for more than a year that Atlanta’s political power elite and the downtown business community had been, as he has described them, protecting Hall in order to cover up the cheating.”

Downtown power elite and business community protecting an incompetent or criminially complicit Superintendent while staff does its own thing.


Kind of has a familiar ring, doesn’t it?

Geography 101 – For those Broward students and high school grads who still can’t figure out where cities and states are located, Atlanta is in Georgia which is north of Florida and Hawaii is 4,000 miles west of Florida in the Pacific Ocean.

If you have trouble with directions, look to where the sun rises, do a left face and that’s where Georgia is.  Find out where the sun sets and you’ll have a general idea of where Hawaii is.