For the first time anywhere but here, a media outlet has acknowledged the secondary focus of the grand jury report.

The school district needs a leader that can restore the credibility and quality of district management.

It’s something I’ve been saying for years on end.

That’s just one challenge.

The other challenge is the $130 million budget shortfall (the Sentinel reports $171 million.)

The district can find the dollars if it wishes to do so, although it will ultimately be painful.

I have a number of suggestions of where to cut and where to readjust, but those adjustments won’t be made in time for the new school year.

Rather than pontificate (as though I don’t already) let me suggest to the Board members some interview questions for Superintendent candidates:

“How experienced are you in managing budgets in difficult times?”

“What measurable steps will you take to ensure staff accountability?”

These are not only two key questions that need to be answered to everybody’s satisfaction, but they must be clearly and directly tied to renewal of the next Superintendent’s contract.

It also needs to be made clear to the new Superintendent that when the media points out little things like the specialists being paid to teach but don’t, the issue will be be dropped squarely in the Superintendent’s lap for explanation and correction.

Never forget the silver rule of business: One oh, shit cancels 100 attaboys!