“Every time I turn around it’s like a stone being overturned and bugs crawling all over the place. It’s mind-boggling.”

So says new Board member Dave Thomas.

Thomas and the other new Board members are uncovering what I’ve known and written about for years.

All I can say is welcome to the reality of the Broward School Board.

Turn over any rock you like and you’ll find bugs crawling.

This time it’s specialized “teachers” being overpaid at the district’s vocational centers.

Put the arguments about certification or college degrees aside, they’re not relevant here.

59 individuals identified as specialists and “teachers” were contracted to teach along with their specialized jobs.  But they didn’t.

What we have, as Thomas and other Board members found, is yet one more proof that there’s absolutely no accountability anywhere in the district.

If it were only isolated cases, it would be one thing, but it’s not.  Year after year, case after case, on and on like a never ending nightmare.

So everybody knows, the last “rock” my Board turned over before I stepped down from the dais was a policy requiring high school students to sign a performance document to either have good attendance and grades or get out.

You read it right; “or get out.”

The policy was instituted by Frank Till without knowledge or consent of the Board.  An absolute reverse of the grand jury’s criticism since policy is the Board’s territory not the Superintendent’s.

Another testimony to the arrogance and unaccountability of Notter’s (damn that spell checker) predecessor.

Fast forward five years where the last Superintendent, Jim Notter, “knew nothing” about the teacher overpayments until it was reported in the media.

The old “Sargent Schultz” defense.  Surprised?  I’m not.

Another district leader who had no clue as to what staff was doing.

Overpaid Miriam Oliphant sound familiar?  Just more of the same.

That’s not how business is done.  (Are you listening Broward Workshop?)

As I mentioned in a previous article, district staff needs an enema, including a Superintendent that either can’t or won’t hold subordinates accountable.


Stop bloviating (look it up) and start practicing what you preach in your own businesses.

The new Superintendent absolutely must hold staff accountable through the chain of command, and the attitude must be something like this:

“Report to me, or report to the unemployment line.”

Here’s a suggestion for the next Superintendent’s contract along with associated evaluation criteria…

“Must provide significant, measurable gains in staff accountability and efficiency.”

Maybe the business “experts” at the Broward Workshop can actually do something useful for the district this time around.