The federal court has spoken, and Richard Rubin is going into the slammer for ten months.

Ten years would have been better.

A prime example of a fellow Democrat who advocates raising taxes on the rich but somehow feels he doesn’t have to pay his fair share.

But there’s more to Rubin than just not paying taxes.

He was a key player in the Southwest Ranches swamp land sale to the School Board.

Only he knows how many other slimy deals he’s been part of.

All to live a lavish lifestyle while the average Joe taxpayer began losing their homes and their jobs.

Buying artwork and taking lush vacations to Europe while county residents were bearing the pain of $4 per gallon gasoline not this time, but several years ago.

I don’t bemoan anybody who can afford to live the lifestyle, but not with tax money or that which is needed to provide for the future of a family member who will need extensive care for the rest of her life.

Scamming the media and friends all the way through earlier this year when suckers held a charity fund raiser for those “poor broke” Rubins.

The judge had it right when he said that the Rubins knew Diana’s condition full well but chose to live a lavish lifestyle instead.

The ultimate insult?

Using his sick wife as a ploy to stay out of jail, and that’s just lower than whale shit.

There’s been some concern voiced that Diana will have to go to either an Assisted Living Facility or “perish as a ward of the state” as was published in the Sun Sentinel.

Another slimy ploy?

But the Rubins did know about Diana’s prognosis and challenges ahead while still choosing to lead the life of Riley.

The real loser of course is Diana, who it seems hasn’t been provided for.

I lost all respect for Commissioner Diana during my re-election campaign several years ago, and the why of it is purely my business.

But I have no choice but to feel empathetic for the challenges she’s facing since I went through many of the same symptoms and challenges for a different underlying reason.

Let’s just say that I’ve walked in Diana’s (symptomatic) shoes for several years

Someday I’ll tell you what it was like.